Dont work only focus on getting Money
By Agung Riyanto [apadevteam]

Change the mindset of: working only focus on getting money

Before I tell the story, maybe it’s a good idea to introduce myself first, because the saying says, don’t know then don’t love wkwk

So right away, My Name is Agung Riyanto, I am a Programmer from Indonesia, for about 5 years I have been in the IT field, now I work in a company from Jakarta but with a full-time remote position from Yogyakarta. So that’s a little about me, nice to meet you.

So now I just share my experience from the first time in IT career. In 2016 to be exact, in May I graduated from high school in a small city in Indonesia, namely Wonosobo, one month after I graduated I joined my friend working in a Software House Company in Yogyakarta, but at that time the skills I had were not deep, fortunately The company is willing to accept employees who are still fresh graduates like me with Coding skills that are still below average.

Initially, my goal to work there was just to focus on making money, but as time went on, when I entered my fourth month working there, I started to feel something was wrong, and what was it? Well, of course, my skills are just like that, there is no significant development.

I also began to think about what was the real factor in my not being able to develop quickly. I also did an evaluation of myself, and I realized that one of the inhibiting factors was because I only focused on getting money. and in the end all that was in my brain at that time was money and money. finally I tried to change my mindset to "work not only to earn money but also to learn".

After I applied that mindset, I slowly started to develop and also found out where my passion was. This mindset reminds me of one of the best quotes from Steve Jobs (Founder of Apple Inc.), namely "stay hungry, stay foolish" which means that we are always hungry/thirsty for new knowledge so as to encourage us to keep learning. Until now, I have made these quotes as a guideline, and they have been very influential in my life during my career in IT until now.

Therefore, for the fighters who feel their skills are stuck there, just try to change your mindset. the important point in this story is keep learning and don’t be afraid to try new challenges, and work don’t focus just on getting money, money is indeed the most sought after thing when we work but skillup is no less important. because when our skills are goods, the money will follow us.

so that’s enough of my story, if there are words that don’t match I apologize, I’m just sharing my experience, hopefully it can be useful. thanks for reading :)

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